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MidJourney Prompt Writing Worksheet: PDF

Looking for a MidJourney prompt cheat sheet?

I created a free prompt writing worksheet that includes the seven main ingredients to include when writing a MidJourney prompt, plus pages to track your prompts, what worked, what didn’t, and the final results.

Use the top portion as a reference to generate better AI art prompts, then practice writing your own. Use them to create your own prompt logbook and journal.

MidJourney Prompt Writing Worksheets - PDF Download

Here’s what you’ll find inside the worksheet PDF file.

7 Essential Prompt Writing Ingredients

Use this section for guidance and brainstorming prompt creation.

  1. Who/what is my main subject? (Ex: Person, Place, or Thing)
  2. How does it look? What is it wearing? Any particular details that the AI should know about? (Ex: Blue eyes, Wearing a Geisha robe with gold stitching)
  3. What’s the mood of the subject? (Intense gaze, staring off to the side, loyal, fierce)
  4. What is the setting or background? Where is it taking place? (Ex: A stunning Dojo in Japan, Next to a volcano, golden hour)
  5. Is there a specific style that I want? Any particular artist I want to emulate? (Ex: Fantasy, Steampunk, Van Gogh style)
  6. Which kind of media am I going for? (Ex: Digital Art, Watercolor, Photograph)
  7. MidJourney parameters to include, for example:

AI Mode (Ex: V5, V4, test, testp)

Aspect Ratio (Ex: 9:16, 16:9, 4:3)

Midjourney Prompt Structure: How to Write a Midjourney Prompt

Prompt Tracking Sheet: Record Your Prompts

The second page of the worksheet is a blank form to:

  • Create prompts
  • Record success or failure of the initial first try at each prompt
  • Keep track of the changes and versions of each prompt
  • Remember which version of MidJourney each prompt works best with
  • Keep a record of the outcomes
  • Stay organized

MidJourney Prompt Parameters & Commands Cheat Sheet

MidJourney-Parameters-MidJourney-Commands-List-Cheatsheet-PreviewTo help AI Artists become more efficient, I’ve just added a MidJourney Prompt Parameter and Command List Cheat Sheet too. I encourage you to print the cheat sheet out for easy reference.

MidJourney Parameters

On the 2-page sheet, you’ll find:

  • MidJourney parameters
  • Default values and the range of values available for each
  • How to use MidJourney parameters
  • Parameter formatting

MidJourney Multi-Prompting

Included are quick reference sections on how to use multi-prompts, MidJourney prompt weights, image prompts, and permutations.

MidJourney Commands List

You’ll even find a quick reference section for all of the MidJourney commands that are available on Discord.

MidJourney Prompt Writing Worksheet and Cheat Sheet Download

Use my MidJourney prompt writing worksheets to make sense of the trial and error of crafting prompts. By writing things down, you’ll be able to keep it all straight and waste less time aimlessly generating images.

You can also use it for brainstorming prompts to try out. Print off as many copies as you need and keep them in a notebook!

Note: This worksheet pdf will also work in GoodNotes for digital use. If you use in GoodNotes, you can include an image of the results too.

Get the free PDFs in my shop: MidJourney Prompt Writing Worksheet and Cheat Sheets


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