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Use ChatGPT for MidJourney Image Prompts: Bonus – Includes Template!

Create Image Prompts for MidJourney with ChatGPT

As a graphic designer, you understand the power of visuals. The right image can be the difference between a successful project and one that falls flat. But creating art from scratch can be time-consuming and, sometimes, costly.

That’s why some designers are turning to AI art creation platforms like MidJourney as part of their design process. They can create beautiful, unique images quickly and easily. If you’re a graphic designer looking to incorporate AI-generated art into your designs, this is for you.

MidJourney is a unique AI art platform where you can generate images from text prompts. But sometimes, it can be hard to come up with an idea for a unique prompt. That’s where ChatGPT comes in!

Want to use ChatGPT for MidJourney image prompts? In this post, you can grab the ChatGPT prompt template I created and see it in action with multiple examples.

Here’s how to use ChatGPT to craft amazing image prompts for your next project!

What Kind of Graphics Can You Create with MidJourney?

Before you get started creating your image prompts, it’s fundamental to understand the type of graphics you can create with MidJourney. This way, you can let your imagination run wild and develop unique ideas without limits.

Besides transparent PNGs and 3D images, you can create almost any other kind of graphics you can imagine. The MidJourney AI platform can create various designs and art styles, from simple illustrations to complex compositions with multiple elements.

You can even use MidJourney to generate graphics for apparel, packaging, and product designs. Examples include:

  • Illustrations
  • Concept Art
  • Logo’s
  • Watercolor Paintings
  • Oil Paintings
  • Photographs
  • Cartoons
  • Anime
  • Character Design

Regardless of the type of graphic you want to create, it all starts with an image prompt. So let’s learn how to make one with ChatGPT!

Use ChatGPT for MidJourney: Prompt Template Structure

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that helps you develop all kinds of creative content. In our case, creative prompts for your MidJourney projects. The bot can generate hundreds of MidJourney ideas using my prompt template.

I’ve set it up so that it generates results based on best practices for MidJourney image prompts. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Choose The Kind of MidJourney Art to Create

To use ChatGPT for MidJourney prompt writing, it must first select the type of art to create. It must be specific here so that MidJourney knows what to make. For example, instead of saying “image of,” your prompt might specify:

  • Photograph of
  • T-Shirt Design of
  • Quill Pen art of

If you want ChatGPT to come up with interesting choices for you, don’t mention an art style in your request and see what it “thinks” up. This is an excellent choice for exploring art styles.

On the other hand, if you want a specific art format, tell ChatGPT in your initial request.

Step Two: Choose the Subject Matter

Next, ChatGPT will decide what subject matter is in the image based on your request and creatively describe it in the prompt.

  • Do you want it to depict something abstract or something concrete?
  • Are you looking for an object or scene?
  • What type of emotion do you want it to convey?

Step Three: Select a Setting

Once ChatGPT knows what subject matter you’re looking for, it’ll either write your request or choose an appropriate setting, such as:

  • Realistic or surrealistic
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Environments or locations

Step Four: The Extra Details

Once the bot has your subject matter and setting, it’s time to input specific details in your MidJourney image prompt. This is where aesthetics come into play.

  • Special style requests
  • Lighting choices
  • Particular colors or textures to include in the artwork
  • The size in aspect ratio (16:9, 9:16, 2:3, 3:2)

These details ensure that MidJourney understands precisely what kind of artwork you want.

MidJourney Prompt Formatting

The text in your image prompt should be short and descriptive. It should give a clear idea of what the image is about while leaving room for creativity. Optimally, the text should be no more than 60 words and capture the essence of your idea.

Using the ChatGPT prompt template below will give you an output well-suited for MidJourney. If you need changes, modify your prompt before you paste it into MidJourney. Simple!

ChatGPT Prompt Template for MidJourney

I spent some time coming up with a flexible and creative ChatGPT prompt template that you can use to generate MidJourney image prompts quickly. The best part of using this prompt template is the variety of art prompts that ChatGPT can create for you.

It will come up with ideas you may have never thought of, or maybe the AI art prompts will spark another creative idea in your mind – that “creative association.” ChatGPT and MidJourney are great tools for designers to use as art assistants and idea generators.

Ok, here’s the ChatGPT prompt template I came up with. Copy and paste it into ChatGPT:

Generate an image prompt for an AI art bot. Create 5 image prompts that I can use with the MidJourney AI art bot. I will give you a sentence of what I have in mind, and then you generate the image prompts based on the following format:

MidJourney Prompt Format Style: [type of art], [subject or topic], [action or activity], [aesthetic details, lighting, and styles], [colors], [--ar aspect ratio]

Example Image Prompt: watercolor illustration of a tiny adorable hamster dressed up in a suit and tie, fantasy character, --ar 16:9

If you understand, ask me what I have in mind.

Once you hit enter, ChatGPT will confirm and ask what you want. Type your imaginative idea, hit enter again, and watch what it creates.

You can continue to generate more MidJourney prompts based on the same idea or an entirely new one. You’ll see how this works in the examples below.

Tips for Using the MidJourney ChatGPT Template

If you want specific elements in your image prompts, make sure and let ChatGPT know when you’re telling it your ideas. For instance, I’d ask for a white background when making t-shirt designs since extracting a design from a plain white background is easier.

Also, if it generates an image prompt that’s almost perfect but not entirely, edit those parts before entering them into MidJourney. The aspect ratio or more details on the “feeling” you want in the image are good examples.

MidJourney Image Prompt Template Examples

Here are a few examples that I did for this blog post. Keep reading to see how some of them turned out when I pasted my template into MidJourney! This entire series was one single conversation.

ChatGPT Prompt Input for MidJourney

Use ChatGPT for MidJourney - Prompt Template

Example 1: MidJourney Images Generated (An AI Artist)

Digital portrait of an AI artist, sitting in front of her iMac, surrounded by colorful abstract paintings on the wall, --ar 3:2

ChatGPT for MidJourney - Computer Artist


Digital illustration of an AI artist, surrounded by her robotic assistants, working together to create a futuristic cityscape, --ar 16:9

ChatGPT image prompt template - AI Graphic Design


ChatGPT Prompt Input for MidJourney

Use ChatGPT for MidJourney - Prompt Template Hamster

Example 2: MidJourney Images Generated

Watercolor illustration of a hamster dressed up in a suit and tie, sitting at a tiny desk with a laptop and a cup of coffee, working hard on a project, --ar 3:2

ChatGPT image prompt template - hamster in suit


Digital painting of a hamster in a suit and tie, standing confidently in front of a skyscraper, ready to conquer the business world, --ar 16:9

ChatGPT image prompt template - hamster in suit skyscraper


Charcoal drawing of a hamster dressed up in a suit and tie, relaxing in a cozy armchair with a good book, surrounded by elegant decor and soft lighting, --ar 4:3

Use ChatGPT for MidJourney - Prompt charcoal hamster in suit armchair


Vector graphic of a hamster in a suit and tie, delivering a dynamic presentation to an audience of other animals, with colorful charts and graphs projected on a screen behind him

ChatGPT image prompt template - hamster in suit presentation


Pixel art of a hamster in a suit and tie, on a mission to save the world from an evil mastermind, with retro-style graphics and a playful storyline, --ar 5:4

ChatGPT image prompt template - hamster in suit pixel art


ChatGPT Prompt Input for MidJourney

Use ChatGPT for MidJourney - Prompt Template Beautiful Pink


Example 3: MidJourney Images Generated

Digital painting of a pink sky at sunrise, with the silhouette of a tree in the foreground and a peaceful landscape in the distance, --ar 3:2

ChatGPT image prompt template - pink sky at sunrise


Abstract art of pink flowers, blooming in a beautiful garden with delicate petals and intricate details

ChatGPT image prompt template - pink abstract flowers


Digital illustration of a pink flamingo, standing gracefully in a shallow pond surrounded by tall reeds, with soft pastel colors and bold linework, --ar 4:3

ChatGPT image prompt template - pink flamingo


Watercolor painting of a pink cherry blossom tree, with falling petals and a serene atmosphere, --ar 16:9

ChatGPT image prompt template - pink cherry blossom


Vector graphic of a pink geometric pattern, with bold shapes and intricate details, creating a striking and modern aesthetic, --ar 5:4

Create MidJourney Image Prompts with ChatGPT- image prompt template pink geometric pattern


ChatGPT Prompt Input for MidJourney

Use ChatGPT for MidJourney Tshirt Designs


Example 4: MidJourney Images Generated

Retro-style graphic of a classic car, with bold colors and a distressed texture, creating a vintage and timeless look, --ar 4:3

Use ChatGPT for MidJourney Tshirt Designs - Retro-style graphic


Vector illustration of a cute cartoon animal, with playful expressions and charming details, creating a fun and lighthearted design, --ar 16:9

Use ChatGPT for MidJourney Tshirt Designs - cute cartoon animal tshirt design


Wrapping it Up

Creating image prompts for MidJourney with ChatGPT is an easy and efficient way to generate ideas for graphics projects. With just a few simple steps, ChatGPT and MidJourney make creating custom images fun.

Using my MidJourney prompt template for ChatGPT, you enter your idea and watch as ChatGPT writes MidJourney prompts for you that include:

  • Type of Art Style
  • Subject Matter
  • Setting
  • Aesthetics and Colors
  • Aspect Ratio

Once you have a prompt in hand, copy and paste it into MidJourney and watch the magic happen! What are you waiting for? Give it a try and see how fun it is to start creating unique AI art today!

Have any cool tricks or tips to use ChatGPT for MidJourney? Please share them below!


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