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Free MidJourney Prompt Writing Worksheets and Command Lists (PDF)


Make sense of the trial and error of crafting prompts!

Use my MidJourney prompt writing worksheets to:

  • Brainstorm new prompts
  • Include essential details for the best results
  • Track successful prompts
  • Record failed prompts and changes made along the way
  • Keep track of which MidJourney version number each prompt works best with
  • Save time and stay organized!

I include guidance on what to include with examples and space for you to track your prompts. Print as many copies as you need!

BONUS! New MidJourney Parameter and Command List Cheat Sheet Included!

My MidJourney prompt writing worksheets now include a MidJourney Prompt Parameter and Command List Cheat Sheet. Print it out to quickly reference all the parameters and commands you need to efficiently use MidJourney on Discord.

I’m just using the store checkout to handle the download process; all MidJourney cheat sheets/worksheets are totally free. You can instantly download the PDF files after checkout.

File Format: PDF
Download Includes:

  • MidJourney Prompt Writing Worksheets
  • MidJourney Prompt Parameters & Command List Cheat Sheet

Note: The PDFs will also work in digital notebooks such as GoodNotes. If you use it in a digital notebook, you can also include an image of the MidJourney prompt results!

Free MidJourney Prompt Writing Worksheets and Command Lists (PDF)


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