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MidJourney Style Guide: 101 Art & Photography Styles With Examples

Are you a MidJourney user or graphic designer looking for inspiration or new styles to explore? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll introduce you to 101 art and photography styles that can help you spice up your MidJourney designs and expand your artistic horizons. Whether you’re working on a new project or want to learn more about various art movements and techniques, this comprehensive guide is the perfect resource.

To make it easier for you to navigate, I’ve organized the art styles into four major categories: Traditional Fine Arts, Digital Arts, Photography, and Design. For each style, I’ve included:

  • A brief description
  • Notable artists
  • A sample image of the style generated with MidJourney – click on any sample to open a larger version
  • The MidJourney prompt I used (I kept each prompt simple so you can see the basic style – make sure and add your own flair to get amazing images)

I’ll continue to add more MidJourney sample images and styles, so this MidJourney style resource will keep growing!

Why You Should Use Art & Photography Styles in MidJourney V5

The latest MidJourney Version 5 brings significant improvements to AI-generated art and photography. This alpha version offers a wider stylistic range, increased realism, and enhanced responsiveness to prompts. MidJourney V5 has also improved in rendering more details, such as subtleties, intricate patterns, and group portraits.

However, it also requires a more thoughtful and deliberate approach to prompting. The model’s “unopinionatedness” can lead to more literal and less artistic outcomes and more photorealistic images when you want “artsy,” not to mention dull defaults. This enhanced realism includes a tendency for V5 to generate images that are more literal and less artistic by default.

If you want to get the best from MidJourney V5, specify an aesthetic style.

The style references have become much more impactful in this version. To truly make MidJourney V5 shine, embrace the power of style modifiers.

Including art or photography styles in your MidJourney AI text-to-image prompts is crucial. By doing so, you can fully harness the potential of MidJourney V5 and generate stunning, engaging, and diverse images.

In addition, short prompts may not work as well in this version; use complex prompts instead. By writing longer and more explicit text about what you want, you can achieve better results with MidJourney V5.

Now, let’s get to the art and photography styles!

Traditional Fine Arts

From the classic to the contemporary, the traditional fine arts category spans numerous art styles that have shaped the course of art history. These styles range from Realism to Conceptual Art, offering diverse approaches to visual expression. Below is a table detailing various traditional art styles:

Art Style Description Example Artists Sample MidJourney Prompt
Abstract Non-representational art focusing on shapes, colors, and lines Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian abstract_art_by_Wassily_Kandinsky Midjourney Art Styles abstract art by Wassily Kandinsky –v 5
Realism Depicts subjects with accuracy and detail, emphasizing objective representation Edward Hopper, Gustave Courbet  realism_art_by_Edward_Hopper_MidJourney Art Styles realism art by Edward Hopper –v 5
Surrealism Combines dreamlike imagery with elements of reality Salvador Dalí, René Magritte  surrealism_art_by_Rene_Magritte_MidJourney Art Styles surrealism art by René Magritte –v 5
Impressionism Captures the feeling or atmosphere of a scene, often using loose brush strokes and vivid colors Claude Monet, Edgar Degas   impressionism art by Claude Monet –v 5
Pop Art Features imagery from popular culture and mass media Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein  pop_art_by_Roy_Lichtenstein_MidJourney Art Styles pop art by Roy Lichtenstein –v 5
Expressionism Conveys emotional and psychological aspects of the subject through color, texture, and brushwork Edvard Munch, Vincent van Gogh   Expressionism art by Vincent van Gogh –v 5
Art Deco Geometric and decorative style, popular in the 1920s and 1930s Tamara de Lempicka, Erte  Art_Deco_painting_by_Erte_MidJourney Art Styles Art Deco painting by Erte –v 5
Art Nouveau Flowing, organic forms often inspired by nature Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt  Art_Nouveau_by_Gustav_Klimt_MidJourney Art Styles Art Nouveau by Gustav Klimt –v 5
Fauvism Characterized by bold, non-naturalistic use of color Henri Matisse, André Derain Fauvism art by Henri Matisse MidJourney Style  Fauvism art by Henri Matisse –v 5
Futurism Emphasizes speed, technology, and modernity Umberto Boccioni, Gino Severini MidJourney Art Styles - Futurism Art by Umberto Boccioni Futurism art by Umberto Boccioni –v 5
Cubism Fragmented and abstracted subjects, exploring multiple perspectives Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque MidJourney Art Style - Cubism by Pablo Picasso Cubism art by Pablo Picasso –v 5
Dada Challenges traditional notions of art, embracing absurdity and randomness Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst Dada art style by Max Ernst-MidJourney Examples Dada art by Max Ernst –v 5
Constructivism Abstract, geometric art influenced by the Russian Revolution Kazimir Malevich, El Lissitzky Constructivism Art Style by Kazimir Malevich in Midjourney Constructivism art by Kazimir Malevich –v 5
Minimalism Simplistic, geometric forms with a focus on color and composition Frank Stella, Donald Judd Minimalism art style like Donald Judd in Midjourney Minimalism art by Donald Judd –v 5
Conceptual Art Emphasizes the idea behind the artwork rather than the physical object Sol LeWitt, Joseph Kosuth Conceptual art in MidJourney by Sol LeWitt conceptual art by Sol LeWitt –v 5
Hyperrealism An art style that achieves an extremely high level of realism, often surpassing what is seen in photographs Chuck Close, Alyssa Monks MidJourney Hyperrealism art by Alyssa Monks Hyperrealism art by Alyssa Monks –v 5
Trompe l’oeil A technique that uses realistic imagery to create optical illusions, making objects appear three-dimensional John Haberle, Pere Borrell del Caso Trompe l'oeil art style by John Haberle Trompe l’oeil art by John Haberle –v 5

Popular Art Medium Styles

Artists have various mediums at their disposal, each offering unique qualities and characteristics. In this section, we will explore some of the most popular and widely recognized art medium styles, including watercolor, oil painting, and more.

Art Style Description Example Artists Sample MidJourney Prompt
Watercolor A painting technique that uses water-soluble pigments, known for its transparency and fluidity J.M.W. Turner, Winslow Homer watercolor_art_by_Winslow_Homer_MidJourney Art Styles V5 watercolor art by Winslow Homer –v 5
Oil Painting A versatile painting medium that uses oil as a binder, known for its rich colors and slow drying time Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt oil_painting_by_Rembrandt_MidJourney Example Art oil painting by Rembrandt –v 5
Acrylic A fast-drying, water-soluble paint that can be used for various styles, from transparent to opaque David Hockney, Bridget Riley acrylic_painting_by_David_Hockney_MidJourney V5 Styles acrylic painting by David Hockney –v 5
Tempera An ancient painting medium using pigments mixed with a water-soluble binder, often egg yolk Sandro Botticelli, Giotto Tempera painting style by Giotto Tempera painting by Giotto –v 5
Encaustic A painting technique that uses heated beeswax mixed with pigments, known for its texture and luminosity Jasper Johns, Fayum Portraits Midjourney Encaustic art style by Jasper Johns Encaustic art by Fayum Portraits –v 5
Fresco A mural painting technique that applies water and pigments to wet plaster, resulting in a durable finish Michelangelo, Diego Rivera MidJourney Angelic Fresco painting by Michelangelo Angelic fresco painting by Michelangelo –v 5
Ink A versatile medium that can be used for drawing or painting, known for its fluidity and bold lines Aubrey Beardsley, Hokusai Ink drawing in MidJourney in the style of Aubrey Beardsley Ink drawing by Aubrey Beardsley –v 5
Pastel A soft, chalk-like medium that can be used for both drawing and painting, known for its vibrant colors Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt Pastel art by Edgar Degas –v 5
Charcoal A drawing medium made from charred wood, known for its rich, dark tones and expressive mark-making Henry Moore, Odilon Redon Midjourney Charcoal drawing by Odilon Redon on white background Charcoal drawing by Odilon Redon on white background –v 5
Pencil A common drawing medium that uses graphite encased in wood, known for its precision and control Paul Cézanne, M.C. Escher Pencil Drawing by Paul Cézanne –v 5
Pointillism A painting technique that uses small, distinct dots of color to create an image when viewed from a distance Georges Seurat, Paul Signac Midjourney art styles - Pointillism painting Pointillism painting by Paul Signac –v 5
Divisionism A variation of pointillism that uses larger, more distinct brushstrokes and color separation Giovanni Segantini, Gaetano Previati Divisionism painting style - Giovanni Segantini Example Divisionism painting by Giovanni Segantini –v 5

Digital Arts

As technology continues to advance, digital arts have become an increasingly popular and versatile medium for artists. This category encompasses a wide range of styles, including digital painting, digital drawing, and new media art. Explore the different digital art styles in the table below:

Art Style Description Example Artists Sample MidJourney Prompt
Digital Painting Painting created using digital tools Craig Mullins, David Revoy  digital painting by Craig Mullins digital painting by Craig Mullins –v 5
Digital Drawing Drawing created using digital tools Aaron Blaise, Dan LuVisi  digital_drawing_by_Aaron_Blaise_MidJourney Art Styles Example digital drawing by Aaron Blaise –v 5
Digital Art Art created using digital technology, including computer-generated imagery and 3D models Zaha Hadid, Takeshi Murata MidJourney Digital art in the style of Takeshi Murata Digital art in the style of Takeshi Murata –v 5

Popular Digital Art Styles

Digital art has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for artists, allowing them to experiment with various styles and techniques. In this section, we will explore some of the most popular and widely recognized digital art styles, including Anime, Fantasy, and more.

Art Style Description Example Artists Sample MidJourney Prompt
Anime A Japanese animation style characterized by vibrant colors, exaggerated facial expressions, and dynamic movement Hayao Miyazaki, Osamu Tezuka Anime_by_Hayao_Miyazaki_MidJourney Art Style Anime by Hayao Miyazaki –niji
(note: try both V5 and niji)
Manga Japanese comic book art style, similar in appearance to anime but often more detailed and intricate Akira Toriyama, Naoko Takeuchi Manga by Akira Toriyama –v 5
(note: try both V5 and niji)
Fantasy Imaginative art style that often features magical creatures, supernatural elements, and mythical settings Yoshitaka Amano, Frank Frazetta fantasy_art_by_Frank_Frazetta_MidJourney Art Styles fantasy art by Frank Frazetta –v 5
Sci-Fi Art style that focuses on futuristic settings, advanced technology, and extraterrestrial life H.R. Giger, Syd Mead sci-fi_art_by_H.R._Giger_MidJourney Styles sci-fi art by H.R. Giger –v 5
Comic Book Art style found in American and European comic books, characterized by bold lines and dynamic action Jack Kirby, Moebius (Jean Giraud) comic book art by Jack Kirby –v 5
Pixel Art Digital art created using individual pixels as the smallest visual unit, reminiscent of early video game graphics Eboy, Paul Robertson Pixel_art_by_Paul_Robertson_MidJourney Example Styles Pixel art by Paul Robertson –v 5
Low Poly 3D art style that uses a limited number of polygons to create simple, geometric shapes Timothy J. Reynolds, Mat Szulik Low poly models in MidJourney - 3d art styles Low poly model by Mat Szulik –v 5
Vaporwave A nostalgic art style that combines elements from the 80s and 90s with surreal, dreamlike compositions Macintosh Plus, James Ferraro Vaporwave art in Midjourney V5 by James Ferraro Vaporwave art by James Ferraro –v 5
Glitch Art Art style that incorporates digital errors, distortions, and noise to create visually striking images Rosa Menkman, Phillip Stearns Midjourney Glitch art styles Portal into another dimension Glitch art by Phillip Stearns –v 5
Cyberpunk Futuristic art style that often features dystopian settings, advanced technology, and cybernetic enhancements Katsuhiro Otomo, Josan Gonzalez MidJourney Cyberpunk Art Style Example Cyberpunk by Josan Gonzalez –v 5


Photography offers an endless array of possibilities for capturing the world around us. Whether you’re interested in documentary, landscape, or street photography, there’s a style to suit every passion. Discover various photography styles in the table below:

Art Style Description Example Artists Sample MidJourney Prompt
Portrait Photography Focuses on capturing the likeness and personality of a person or group of people Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon  Portrait_photography_by_Annie_Leibovitz_MidJourney Photo Styles Portrait photography by Annie Leibovitz –v 5
Landscape Photography Captures natural and man-made environments Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell  landscape_photography_by_Galen_Rowell_MidJourney photography styles Landscape photography by Galen Rowell –v 5
Still Life Photography Features arranged inanimate objects as the subject Irving Penn, Edward Weston  Still_life_photography_by_Irving_Penn_MidJourney photography styles Still life photography by Irving Penn –v 5
Nature Photography Depicts wildlife, plants, and other natural elements Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe Nature_photography_by_Art_Wolfe_MidJourney V5 photography styles  Nature photography by Art Wolfe –v 5
Wildlife Photography Captures animals in their natural habitats Steve Winter, Paul Nicklen  wildlife_photography_by_Paul_Nicklen_MidJourney animal photography styles wildlife photography by Paul Nicklen –v 5
Seascape Photography Features bodies of water, coastlines, and marine life David Doubilet, Rachael Talibart  seascape_photograph_by_Rachael_Talibart_MidJourney photography styles seascape photograph by Rachael Talibart –v 5
Cityscape Photography Depicts urban environments and architectural subjects Michael Kenna, Thomas Struth MidJourney Cityscape Photography in MidJourney Color Cityscape Photography by Michael Kenna –v 5
Astrophotography Captures celestial objects and astronomical events Neil Armstrong, Thierry Legault Astrophotography styles in MidJourney Astrophotography by Thierry Legault –v 5
Macro Photography Close-up images of small subjects, revealing intricate details Robert Mapplethorpe, Thomas Shahan  macro_photograph_by_Thomas_Shahan_MidJourney photography styles macro photograph by Thomas Shahan –v 5
Micro Photography Extremely close-up images, often requiring specialized equipment like microscopes Lennart Nilsson, Charles Krebs Micro Photography in MidJourney - Photography Styles Micro Photography by Charles Krebs –v 5
Aerial Photography Captures landscapes and subjects from an elevated perspective, often using drones Yann Arthus-Bertrand, George Steinmetz  aerial_photography_by_George_Steinmetz_MidJourney Photography styles aerial photography by George Steinmetz –v 5
Underwater Photography Features underwater environments and marine life Brian Skerry, David Doubilet Underwater photography in MidJourney underwater photography by Brian Skerry –v 5
Panoramic Photography Wide, sweeping images that capture expansive scenes Peter Lik, Josef Koudelka Panoramic Photography of a castle in MidJourney - art styles Panoramic Photography of a castle by Peter Lik –v 5
Time-Lapse Photography A sequence of images taken over a period of time, often used to show change Ron Fricke, Michael Shainblum Midjourney time-lapse photography styles Time-lapse photography of a river by Michael Shainblum, golden hour –v 5
Stop-Motion Photography A series of photographs combined to create the illusion of movement Ray Harryhausen, Jan Švankmajer Midjourney stop-motion lego photography style Stop-motion lego photography frame by frame –v 5
Animated Photography Combines photography with animation techniques Jamie Caliri, William Kentridge    
Computer-Generated Photography Images created or manipulated using digital technology Nick Veasey, Jeff Wall    
3D Photography Images that appear three-dimensional when viewed with special glasses or equipment Brian May, Jim Naughten 3D photography images in MidJourney 3D Lego photography by Brian May –v 5
Virtual Reality Photography Immersive, 360-degree images viewable through VR headsets Aaron Spence, Matjaž Tančič    
Augmented Reality Photography Images that incorporate digital elements, viewable through AR devices Zach Lieberman, Molmol Kuo    
Mixed Media Photography Combines photography with other artistic mediums Robert Rauschenberg, Vik Muniz   mixed media photography by Robert Rauschenberg –v 5
Performance Photography Captures live art performances and events Nan Goldin, Garry Winogrand    
Installation Photography Documents large-scale, immersive art installations Iwan Baan, Candida Höfer    
Street Photography Candid images of people and events in public spaces Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier    
Graffiti Photography Features street art and graffiti Martha Cooper, Jon Naar    
Banksy Photography Focuses on the work of the famous street artist Banksy Banksy, Steve Lazarides Banksy_Photography_by_Steve_Lazarides_MidJourney Photography Style Example Banksy Photography by Steve Lazarides –v 5
Documentary Photography Captures real-life events, people Sebastião Salgado, James Nachtwey documentary photography by Sebastião Salgado –v 5
Futurist Photography A photography style that captures the dynamism, speed, and energy of the Futurist art movement Anton Giulio Bragaglia, Gino Severini    
Photograms Cameraless photographic images created by placing objects directly on photosensitive paper Man Ray, László Moholy-Nagy    
Cyanotypes A photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print using sunlight Anna Atkins, John Herschel    
Lomography A photography style that embraces imperfections and spontaneity using low-fidelity cameras Lomographic Society, Mirko Martin    
Holga A photography style that uses the Holga camera, known for its light leaks, vignetting, and soft focus David Burnett, Michelle Bates    
Pinhole Photography A cameraless photography technique that uses a small hole in a light-tight container to project an image Eric Renner, Justin Quinnell    
Film Noir A style of photography influenced by the dark and moody visual style of classic film noir movies Weegee, Brassaï    
New Objectivity An art movement that focused on unsentimental realism and social critique in painting and photography Otto Dix, August Sander    
Double Exposure Photography A technique that combines two or more images into a single frame, often resulting in dreamlike or surreal compositions Dan Mountford, Christoffer Relander    


Design is an integral part of our daily lives, influencing the aesthetics and functionality of the objects and spaces we interact with. This category covers art styles related to interior design, industrial design, and textile design, among others. Check out the different design styles in the table below:

Art Style Description Example Artists Sample MidJourney Prompt
Interior Design Art and science of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces Kelly Wearstler, Philippe Starck Interior_design_by_Kelly_Wearstl_Made in MidJourney magazine photo of Interior design by Kelly Wearstler –v 5
Industrial Design Creation of products with a focus on form, function, and user experience Dieter Rams, Jonathan Ive    
Product Design Develops and enhances the appearance and functionality of everyday items Charles Eames, Yves Béhar    
Furniture Design Design and creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture Eero Saarinen, Marcel Breuer    
Textile Design Creates patterns and designs for fabrics, clothing, and other textiles William Morris, Zandra Rhodes    
Ceramic Art Art and design involving the creation of objects made from clay and other ceramic materials Grayson Perry, Lucie Rie ceramic art by Grayson Perry –v 5
Glass Art Art and design created using glass as the primary medium Dale Chihuly, Louis Comfort Tiffany    
Metal Art Art and design created with metal as the primary medium Alexander Calder, Richard Serra Norweigan Viking metal art –v 5
Wood Art Art and design created using wood as the primary medium George Nakashima, Wharton Esherick Viking_ship_with_masterful_wood_art_MidJourney v5 art styles Viking ship with masterful wood art –v 5
Stone Art Art and design created using stone as the primary medium Isamu Noguchi, Barbara Hepworth    
Bone Art Art and design created using bone, often from animals, as the primary medium Unknown, Contemporary Tribal Artists Tribal_bone_art_MidJourney Styles Tribal bone art –v 5
Shell Art Art and design created using shells as the primary medium Unknown, Contemporary Tribal Artists Peruvian shell art –v 5
Paper Art Art and design created using paper as the primary medium Yulia Brodskaya, Peter Callesen    
Book Art Art and design created using books and bookbinding techniques Brian Dettmer, Su Blackwell    
Paper Mache Art and design created using a mixture of paper and adhesive to create sculptures and other objects Niki de Saint Phalle, Kiki Smith paper_mache_MidJourney V5 Prompt the solar system in paper mache magically floats in space –v 5
De Stijl An art movement that advocated for pure abstraction and simplicity, using geometric shapes and primary colors Piet Mondrian, Theo van Doesburg    
Bauhaus An influential design movement focused on functionality, simplicity, and the unity of art, craft, and technology Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky    
Art Informel A European abstract art movement characterized by spontaneous and gestural brushwork Jean Dubuffet, Antoni Tàpies    
Tachisme An abstract painting style characterized by spontaneous brushwork, drips, and blobs of paint Jean Fautrier, Wols    
Action Painting An abstract expressionist painting technique that emphasizes the physical act of painting Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning    
Lyrical Abstraction An abstract art movement that emphasized free, emotive, and personal expression in painting Joan Mitchell, Jules Olitski    
Color Field Painting An abstract painting style that features large fields of flat, solid color Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman    

I hope this comprehensive guide to 101 art and photography styles inspires you to explore new creative avenues and expand your artistic repertoire. With so many MidJourney styles to choose from, there’s no limit to what you can create. Happy designing!

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